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How Acting Classes Can Help a Shy Child Blossom

For a many children, the idea of public speaking, and of being the center of attention, can cause jitters. But for shy children, these experiences can be absolutely nerve-wracking. For many of these kids, children’s acting classes and workshops can provide the tools and environment they need to help them develop their confidence, embrace creativity, and break out of the confines of their shyness.

Building Confidence Through Practice

Acting classes allow children to not only develop skills and techniques to make them more effective at public speaking, performing and socializing with others, but let them do so at a gradual pace. Through practicing this way, a shy child can learn to feel confident and self-assured in any social setting, having the opportunity to build their comfort level rather than experiencing trial by fire.

Supportive Environment

Acting classes for kids provide a safe, nurturing environment that allows kids to experiment and branch out with their performing and speaking abilities without the fear of failure or ridicule. Creativity and individuality are encouraged, and exercises in which imagination reigns and “wrong” choices are impossible can help create a setting that encourages shy children to step outside of their comfort zone.

Fun Activities

Making funny, nonsense sounds. Pretending to be a dinosaur. Creating and acting out silly stories. Sometimes, acting class activities can be so much fun that it’s easy to forget that anyone might be watching. When learning feels more like playing, shyness can gradually melt away as the desire to take part in fun and games takes over. 

Performing in a Group

In children’s acting classes, many lessons, exercises and even early performances will allow them to act and perform as part of a group. Without the pressure of being alone in the spotlight – something that can be overwhelming to anyone, never mind a shy child – the kids are able to feel more comfortable as part of a larger group as they gain experience and confidence. Not only is the focus spread across more people, but also having peers sharing the experience with them can be comforting, supportive – and even eventually embolden even shy children.

No Pressure

Though acting classes can improve public speaking skills, and individual exercises and performances may be an ultimate goal, children develop and gain confidence at their own pace. An experienced and skilled acting instructor will encourage a child to take risks and try new things, but will never pressure a child into a situation they aren’t ready for. When a shy child is encouraged – but not forced – to interact and experiment, they can do so in a way that is fun, safe, and empowering.

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