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4 Things to Consider When Choosing an Acting Program for Your Kids

Acting classes, camps and workshops can all be a great experience for kids, giving them the chance to have fun while gaining both acting experience and life skills. But how do you know which program is right for your child? Here are a few things you should take into consideration when choosing the right acting program for your kids. 

Experience Level

Matching your child’s level of experience with a program’s skill level is extremely important in finding a program that will be valuable in helping your child progress – while still having fun and enjoying themselves. A program that is far too simplistic is not only unlikely to teach a child much, wasting both time and money, but can also leave a child feeling bored and restless. On the other hand, a program that is too advanced may have your child struggling to keep up with the rest of the class, and feeling frustrated and disheartened. Before signing your child up for a program, find out more about the exact curriculum and skills that will be taught.


Different acting programs for kids are designed with different ultimate goals in mind. Why does your child want to attend an acting program – and what do you both expect to get out of it? There could be a number of reasons for wanting to attend: a casual interest in acting and a desire to try out a new activity; to prepare for a career in acting; or even to just attend a program with other friends. Make sure the program you’re considering aligns with what you and your child’s goals are.

Special Interest

Does your child dream of acting on television, maybe making it as the next Disney star – or does the stage and musical theatre call to them? Do you want to give your kid an advantage when it comes to casting for commercials? Many acting programs for children are fairly broad, and cover a wide range of topics and skills. However, if you and your child want to focus on learning more in a special area, there may be specially designed classes that meet your needs.

Program Reputation

Before signing your child up for any program, take the time to make sure that the program’s reputation meets your standards and expectations. Is the program reputable? Are the instructors experienced? Do students both enjoy and benefit from their time there? In today’s online age, doing research and finding reviews on just about anything is often as simple as an Internet search. Your research, combined with talking to others who have attended a program, can give you a clearer picture of the reputation the program has earned, and whether it will provide the fun, safe, and educational learning environment you expect for your kids.

Still Have More Questions?

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