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How to Break Your Child into the Entertainment Industry

1st – You need an agent and professional-quality headshots. You can get headshots done at any local photography studio. While your child should look good in their headshots, keep in mind that these aren’t glamour shots. Your child should still look like themselves. Casting directors will quickly get annoyed if they call your child in for an audition based on their headshot and they show up looking completely different. As for getting an agent, we have a list of local talent agents here on our website. However, just meeting with an agent is not the end of the story…

2nd – Every agent’s first question is “what is your experience and training?” And after taking classes at KD Studio, your child can confidently reply that they’ve had some of the best training around. All of the instructors at KD Studio are seasoned professionals who know the industry inside and out. KD Studio summer camps can give you the skills to impress any potential agents that you meet with.

Upcoming and on-going children’s camps: 


3rd – Once an agent is confident enough in your child’s commitment and abilities to sign them, they’ll need your child to be ready with wardrobe and reliable transportation at a moment’s notice. Obviously, KD can’t help as much with this one. It’s up to you and your child to get to a job on time and prepared. However, KD will help your child be more responsible, resourceful, and professional, all useful traits for any booking. So even though we can’t offer your child the right wardrobe and drive them to the booking ourselves, they’ll be more than prepared to succeed in a professional environment.

Come to KD and begin your industry networking and acting training today! To register for children’s acting camps, click here or call (214) 638-0484. 


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