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So You Want to Become an Actor: How to Get Started

musical theatre actingYou’ve got the passion and the talent to become an actor – but now what? How do you get started? To become a working actor, you need the drive to succeed. Also, following some of the following tips could help point you in the right direction.

Learn About Acting as a Career Path

Before you start to pursue a career in acting, it makes sense to find out a little bit more about your chosen career path. Get in touch with a working actor or two and see if they’d be willing to tell you what an average day is like, and give you some advice on what to do (and what not to do). You’ll want to be thoroughly prepared before you dive into the industry headfirst.

Learn How the Industry Works

Study the different aspects of the entertainment industry. What’s an agent and do you need one? What exactly does a casting director do, and what are they looking for in an actor? Depending on whether you’re interested in theater, television, or movies, you’ll want to find out who casts for different projects and which people you need to know.

Set Short-Term, Realistic Goals

Where would you like to be this time next year? Okay, sure, you’d like to be on a major TV show or in a high-grossing movie – but that’s probably not an achievable goal in the next year. What can you accomplish in the next 365 days? You could aim to be cast in a specific number of plays or musicals, or to land a role in a short film. These short-term goals will earn you valuable experience, and keep you from feeling overwhelmed by seemingly unattainable long-term goals.

Have Headshots Taken and Write a Resume

An actor’s resume has a specific format that differs from a typical jobseeker’s resume. On it, you can include your acting experience, as well as any formal training and classes. As you obtain more acting experience, you can remove some roles from this resume – like community theater projects. Your headshot should show your personality, but you shouldn’t wear so much makeup for the photo that it barely resembles you.

Take Acting Lessons or Enroll in Acting Classes

Just as business professionals are trained in their areas of expertise, acting professionals also study their chosen careers. Continuous training can help you develop your dramatic or comedic strengths, and you may even make connections with fellow students or teachers that will help you later on in your career!

Still Have More Questions?

KD Conservatory has acting, musical theatre, and motion picture production programs to help prepare students for careers in the entertainment industry. Contact us with any of your questions, or check us out on Facebook for ongoing updates and information!

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