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How to be more confident for your on-camera audition

Going in for an on-camera audition can be pretty nerve-wracking. You’ll be auditioning in front of a bunch of people whom you don’t know and you’ll only have a little bit of time to prove yourself. However, in the audition process, being charming and confident instead of nervous can be the difference between being a standout or just another face in the lineup. So here are a few tips and things to think about to help you be more confident for your on-camera auditions:

  • Everyone gets nervous. Every actor walking into an audition is nervous. Even seasoned actors experienced with the auditioning process still feel anxious walking into an audition. So don’t feel like it’s just you. Everyone’s in the same boat.
  • Casting directors want you to succeed. Even though they can seem intimidating when sitting across from you at an audition, casting directors are (generally) very nice people. They want to get the best out of you during the audition. If you’re auditioning for them, it’s because they believe that you could work for the part.
  • Practice acting in front of a camera. Acting while being filmed can throw you if you’re not used to it. If you’re not used to being filmed, the presence of a camera could compound your nervousness for an audition. So try to get comfortable acting in front of a camera before you go in for an audition.

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