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The Benefits of Acting, Filmmaking, and Musical Theatre Camps

acting summer campNow that spring has sprung, summer is just around the corner. For children and teens, that means a two or three month break from school to relax or go to the pool every day. For parents, it means the despairing cries of, “I’m sooooo bored” are also just around the corner. Fortunately, there are options to keep kids and teens occupied and following their passions, even during the summer months – with acting and musical theatre camps at KD Conservatory.

Who should attend summer camp at KD Conservatory?

Our camps cater to each student’s level – from the beginner to the experienced working actor – and are ideal for students that want to learn more about film, musical theatre acting, or filmmaking in the company of other passionate young people. Classes are available for anyone aged 6 to 18, and are split by age group to ensure your child is in the company of their peers.

What are the benefits of acting camp?

Whether you have a budding diva of an 8 year old that likes to belt out showtunes in the shower, or a dramatic older teenager who watches primetime television and comments, “I could do that!” – at KD Studio, they’ll get to hone those skills and learn more about the industry. However, there are benefits of summer camp that extend beyond pursing and developing one’s talents.

For one thing, your son or daughter will get to expand their horizons and friend network well beyond the people they know from school or sports teams. For two weeks, they’ll be immersed in an intense program with a group of other acting enthusiasts in their age group. The result? Industry connections and friendships that are sure to last well beyond the end of the program.

KD Conservatory summer camps also provide your child with an outlet to express his or her creative impulses. As a young person, expressing creativity is essential to development and personal growth. Additionally, when your child learns how to trust their creative instincts, they can receive the benefits of increased confidence and self-esteem.

Why choose KD Conservatory?

KD Conservatory was founded in 1979 by entertainment industry veterans to offer the Dallas metroplex an outlet for professional acting training, motion picture production technical skills, and other opportunities. Our faculty and staff are made up of experienced film and musical theatre professionals. If your child is interested in pursuing acting as a career, the connections they can make at KD Conservatory will prove invaluable along the way. Each camp attendee is encouraged to develop their unique strengths to eventually reach their full potential as an actor.

Register for summer camp today on our website or call us at 214-638-0484 for more information. For ongoing updates about what’s going on at KD Conservatory, feel free to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

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