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Improving Your Public Speaking Skills With Acting Classes

acting classes for public speakingAccording to a recent Boston Globe article, public speaking is the number one fear held by American adults – beating out snakes, spiders, and heights. Fears of snakes and heights make sense because both of these can be dangerous, and most people agree that spiders are creepy. But why public speaking? For many, this fear is related to inexperience and lack of confidence – both of which can be improved by taking acting classes at KD Conservatory.

Self Confidence

Acting classes are a great way to help build confidence when appearing in front of an audience. These classes are a safe haven, so to speak, where you learn to speak freely in front of your classmates without fear of how you’ll be perceived. You’ll also learn about articulation, timing, and vocal projection – aspects of public speaking can trip up a nervous presenter, but can soon become second nature with a little practice. The self-confidence you build in acting class doesn’t just extend to public speaking. You’ll learn to be more comfortable at networking socials, job interviews, major presentations, and other professional events.

Making the Words Your Own

Chances are that unless you’re the president or a powerful CEO, you’re writing your own speech or presentation. Still, a problem many public speakers have is that they’re stiff or robotic – even though they wrote the words themselves, it seems like they’re just reciting them instead of really speaking to the audience.

With acting training at KD Conservatory, you learn to embody a character. You must make the words this character speaks your own, even if they’re things you would never say in your real life. Once you’ve done this, making a public speech as yourself on a topic you understand (and maybe even chose) will be simpler than ever. You’ll also learn to convey emotions through your speech. When you do this, the audience is much more likely to connect with and be interested in what you’re saying to them.

Posture, Gestures, Eye Contact

Often, an audience will judge your speech primarily based on your nonverbal cues – how you stood, what gestures you used, and how much eye contact you made. In acting classes, you’ll get comfortable being on a stage in front of an audience, making your body and gestures much less stiff. To an audience, you’ll appear much more natural and comfortable. You’ll also discover the appropriate posture and hand gestures to get your point across. Finally, you’ll be at ease in front of an audience – so much so that making eye contact won’t be a problem!

Acting Classes at KD Conservatory

KD Conservatory offers acting, musical theatre, and motion picture production programs to help prepare students for careers in the entertainment industry. Our faculty and staff have years of experience in film and theatre, and can assist students in everything from honing their skills to professional networking. Contact us with any of your questions, or check us out on Facebook for ongoing updates and information!

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