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How to Get Your Child Acting Experience

Whether they dream of gracing the stages of Broadway or becoming the next Disney star, many children get bitten by the acting bug at a very young age. They want nothing more than to follow the path they love, and as parents, you want to give them all the tools and skills they’ll need to succeed. Below, we touch on a few ways you can help your child get acting experience.

Acting Classes

In school every day, your child receives lessons in many of the subject areas they need to have experience in: reading, history, and math, among other subjects. To get them experience in acting, another kind of school can be a perfect opportunity. Acting classes for kids expose your child to specialized instruction from highly qualified teachers, giving them classes that are tailored for their experience level and interests.

For more intensive instruction while school is out, you may also want to consider acting summer camps.

School Productions

If your child is interested in acting, encourage them to actively take part in their school’s drama program or school productions. Stress the importance of having fun while learning and interacting with their classmates, no matter what role or part they receive. If your child’s school doesn’t offer a drama program or any opportunities to participate in productions, perhaps you and your child could take it upon yourselves to make a project of trying to create one for all students to participate in and enjoy.

Community Theater

Community theater productions are an excellent way for adult aspiring actors to get experience and add to their resumes. However, they can also provide opportunities for children to perform. Check with your local theaters to find out about any upcoming productions that will be casting children’s’ roles, and you may be able to give your child a chance to gain experience on stage in front of an audience.

Have Fun at Home

When a child acts, no matter what the venue or audience, they are gaining experience. Simply having fun at home, putting on backyard productions or building sets in the playroom, your child is practicing – not to mention spending valuable time having fun with the whole family.

Still Have More Questions?

KD Conservatory has acting, musical theatre, and film production programs to help prepare students for careers in the entertainment industry. Contact us with any of your questions, or check us out on Facebook for ongoing updates and information!


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