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Tips for Finding an Agent

While an agent is unnecessary for starting your career, at a certain point you may find that they can be beneficial – particularly if you’re working a full-time job while pursuing acting and don’t have much free time to spend searching for acting roles.

An agent’s job is primarily to set up initial meetings with casting directors, getting your name and face in front of them, and helping to match you with upcoming auditions for roles. Below are some tips to keep in mind when looking for an agent.

Increase Your Exposure

There are three general ways to get an agent. The first of these is to have them discover you. The more roles you take and industry functions you attend, the more opportunities you will have of getting on an agent’s radar. Take any role that you can; volunteer for student performances or indie films, look for parts in community theater productions, and attend industry workshops and meetings. These roles may not by your dream job, but the more experience you get now the more selective you can be in the future.

Find a Referral

A second way to find an agent is through a referral. Let your contacts in your network know that you’re currently looking for an agent. Ask friends, classmates, instructors, and others in the industry if they can recommend an agent. At castings or auditions, casting directors may ask if you’re currently working with an agent; be honest, and tell them that you’re currently looking for one, and would appreciate any recommendations. Research agents who come highly recommended, and if you find a good fit – and if it’s appropriate – you might want to ask for a referral. This won’t guarantee that the agent will be interested, of course, but it never hurts to have a current client give a recommendation.

Market Yourself

The third common way of finding an agent is by submitting your resume and headshot to agents and hoping for interest. Before going this route, be sure your headshots are current and your resume is impressive, detailing your acting education and experience. Certain agencies will only accept submissions through specific media, so be sure to contact the office or search the website to know how to properly submit your resume.

Make Sure the Agent is Right for You

There are a few other general tips to keep in mind when finding an agent. First, be sure that the agent specializes in your field – whether your focus is film, commercials, television or musical theatre, look for an agent whose focus and contacts match yours. Also, agents generally work on commission, so be wary of agents who want to charge you upfront for their services. Finally, use your best judgment, and find someone who makes you feel comfortable.

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