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How to Conquer Stage Fright







Stage fright is said to be the number one fear reported by adults, topping flying, sickness, and even death. So how do we conquer the stage when we can’t stop thinking about the audience? Just by facing your fear, you will develop an empowering confidence in yourself. We asked our Alumni what they do to combat their stage fright, here’s what they said:

You’re going to be nervous and that’s ok! It’s about controlling that energy and using it to your advantage before and during the experience. Stand or sit in a confident posture before your performance. Plenty of rehearsal is key so that if you get distracted you won’t be flustered because you’ll be so well-prepared. Breathe and stay in the moment of the scene, focusing on your partner. The same is true if you find yourself in a public speaking situation – focus on your intended message, rather than the audience. The most important of all is to remember to breathe deeply throughout the experience, this will help you stay grounded and think clearly.

How do you combat stage fright?

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