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Tips for Choosing a Motion Picture Production School or Program

Not everyone with a dream of working in the film industry wants to be the next Hollywood star. Some are drawn to the world on the other side of the camera, using their talent to create magic through movie production. Whether your goal is to work in directing, screenwriting, producing or in post-production work, a solid education in the field is an essential first step to landing your dream job. But how do you choose which motion picture production school or program to attend? Here are some important factors to consider.


Consider whether a school’s curriculum will provide a well-rounded education to help you get ahead in the industry. Will the classes give you practical, hands-on experience? Will they offer opportunities for project-based learning? Will you be able to create finished products to add to your portfolio? These are all questions to consider when choosing a school or program, as the skills you’ll learn during your time as a student should form a solid foundation from which to launch your career.

Accreditation and Memberships

When researching schools and programs, find out what accreditations or associations they hold. We at KD Conservatory, we take pride in our academic and industry accreditations, and our memberships with organizations such as the American Film Institute and Dallas Film Society. Look for a school with not only educational accreditation, but with memberships and ties to the film and production industry.


Consider the qualifications and experience of the faculty who will be teaching you. Remember: the ability to do something well does not necessarily equate to the ability to teach it well. Look for professors who not only have extensive real world experience working in the areas of motion picture production that interest you, but also experience in education. At KD Conservatory, our classes are taught by accomplished industry professionals and supplemented by visiting professionals from the film community.


When learning the trade of motion picture production, you want to work with the best equipment possible. Schools with fully equipped classrooms and studios with the latest technology used by professionals in the field will benefit you greatly when seeking a job in the industry.

Still Have More Questions?

KD Conservatory has acting, musical theatre, and film production programs to help prepare students for careers in the entertainment industry. Contact us with any of your questions, or check us out on Facebook for ongoing updates and information!


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