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How Adult Improv Classes Can Benefit You

actingImprovisation classes for adults are more popular than ever! Improv classes aren’t just for acting students; some Ivy League business schools are requiring their students take improv acting classes to help with their careers.  So how can taking improv classes help you?  In addition to honing your acting skills, learning the art of improvisation can help in areas from public speaking to professional development and even interpersonal relationships – if communication requires thinking on your feet, training in improvisation can benefit your life.

1. Decrease your social stress
Life is all about dealing with the unexpected; and for many of us, unexpected situations can often turn into stressful ones. Improv acting classes can help you handle that stress by providing you with the tools you need to deal with those unexpected thing, handling them artfully as they come. Whether it’s a confrontation with your professor or boss, or an awkward social situation that you didn’t see coming, your stress level will decrease as you become better at improvising when things are out of the ordinary.  Improvisation classes can also prepare you with handling social settings better and help you to make friends, particularly if you’re shy or settling down in a new city.

2. Develop your presentation skills
Acting classes in general can help you finesse your presentation skills by allowing you to become more self aware.  In a perfect world, we would be able to read every presentation verbatim from a prepared script, all while remaining charming and engaging. In reality, however, this is rarely the case. Whether your nerves overwhelm you, the audience distracts you, or your notes or incorrect (or worse, left behind at home), delivering a convincing and seamless presentation can often mean making adjustments on the fly. When you take improv classes, you’ll learn the skills that can help you handle a mistake or trip-up you make during a presentation with ease.

3. Enhance your career
As we mentioned before, many business schools have recognized the value of improvisation skills in the business world, and are incorporating improv classes in their curriculum.  Of course, we think this is a fantastic idea; no matter whether you pursue acting as a full-time career or work in another industry, chances are that your professional life could benefit from the skills taught in improv classes.  Not only can you learn better presentation and personal interaction skills, as we discussed earlier, but they can also help with your negotiation skills – invaluable whether pitching a project idea, asking for a raise, or nailing your interview. Don’t be caught off-guard during a negotiation; use the skills you learned in your improv classes!

Ready to try an improvisation workshop or class for yourself?
For more information on our Adult Classes and Workshops, contact a KD Conservatory representative at (469) 364-9638.  KD Conservatory and KD Studio offer a variety of acting classes in Dallas, Texas, such as Accredited Degree Programs in acting, motion picture production, and musical theatre; short courses for adults, teens, and kids; summer camps; and specialty workshops.  Our top acting classes are designed to hone your skills, develop your talent, and prepare you for a successful career.

Still Have More Questions?
Looking for an improv class or top acting school in Dallas?  KD Conservatory has acting, musical theatre, and film production programs to help prepare students for careers in the entertainment industry.  Contact us with any of your questions, or check us out on Facebook for ongoing updates and information.  To set up a tour, please call us at 469.364.9638 today!

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