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Spotlight On: KD Conservatory’s Musical Theatre Program

Both sides of balletDoes your dream career involve performing under the bright lights of the stage, or working hard behind the scenes in musical theatre? To succeed in a career in musical theatre, the first thing you’ll need is a strong background through education and experience. That’s where KD Conservatory’s Musical Theatre Degree Program comes in. Think this program could be right for you? Read on to learn more about what our Musical Theatre Degree Program has to offer.

What to Expect

KD Conservatory’s Musical Theatre Degree Program is a four-semester program in which students will earn their Associate of Applied Arts in Musical Theatre degree. Over the course of the intensive 15-month long program, students can expect to learn about the skills of singing, dancing, and acting – from the introductory to advanced levels – as well as the business skills needed for a successful career in the theatre industry. In the Musical Theatre program, students will learn through classroom instruction as well as through immersive hands-on experiences. Included as part of their tuition, students receive a keyboard for musical training, as well as the dancewear and dance shoes they’ll need throughout the program. 

The Faculty

The Musical Theatre Program Chair, Michael Serrecchia, has worked in theatre for over 30 years. He was an original cast member of A Chorus Line, a performance for which he received a Special Drama Desk Award and Theatre Critics Circle Award. Mr. Serrecchia added to his award collection in 2011, when he was honored with the prestigious Natalie Skelton Award for Artistic Excellence.

In addition to the guidance and direction from Mr. Serrecchia, students in the Musical Theatre Degree Program will learn from the talented, industry-experienced faculty that we at KD Conservatory are so proud of. Our esteemed faculty includes acting instructors, vocal trainers, experienced choreographers, and more. To learn more about other faculty members in the musical theatre and acting departments, click here.

The Courses

The program’s coursework covers a myriad of skills and specialty areas to make sure that our students receive a well-rounded education in musical theatre that prepares them for a successful career in the industry. Below is just a small sampling of the classes our Musical Theatre Degree Program students will take:

  • Music Performance Ear Training I (First Semester) – “This course is an introduction to sight singing tonal music in commonly used clefs. Topics include aural study (including dictation) of the commercial aspects of melody and diatonic harmony. The student will learn to sing tonal music in treble, bass, tenor, and alto clefs; demonstrate improved sight singing abilities; and dictate rhythms, melodies, and basic harmony.”
  • Musical Theatre Performance I (Second Semester) – “Using techniques acquired in the first semester, the student is guided to develop further musical theatre skills through preparation, research and solo performance in class. The history and styles of musical theatre are explored through assignments that include Gilbert and Sullivan, operettas, vaudeville, the roaring twenties, the jazzy thirties, and the golden age of integrated book musicals.”
  • History of Musical Theatre (Third Semester) – “The student will learn the development of the musical theatre form of art from the earliest times through the 20th century.”
  • Musical Audition Techniques (Fourth Semester) – “The student will perfect cold reading technique for commercial, industrial, and musical theatre auditions with emphasis placed on identifying and using personal qualities, developing spontaneity, controlling anxiety, improving concentration and listening skills. In addition, the students will prepare and present audition songs. Students will also work on the preparation, organization, and presentation of resumes, headshots, and other marketing materials for the graduation showcase.”

After Graduation

The goal of our Musical Theatre Degree Program is to help students hone their skills and talents, and become better performers or theatre artists. However, our ultimate objective is to give our students the high-quality education and background they need to be prepared for a successful career in musical theatre. Based on the 2010-2011 program data (the most recent data available at the time of this writing), KD Conservatory’s Musical Theatre Degree Program had a 100% on-time completion rate; in addition, we also boasted a 100% employment rate. Our alumni reported working in a variety of positions within the musical theatre industry. Sample job titles include:

  • Dancers
  • Choreographers
  • Musicians and Singers
  • Actors
  • Theatre Performers

Still Have More Questions?

KD Conservatory has acting, musical theatre, and film production programs to help prepare students for careers in the entertainment industry. Contact us with any of your questions, give us a call at (469) 364-9638, or check us out on Facebook for ongoing updates and information!


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