Film School Essentials:3 Sound Tools You Can’t Live Without

Essential Sound Equipment That Every Film School Crew Needs

In film school, you learn that a movie’s sound is just as important as its visual effects. To surround your audience with great audio, you’ll need to invest in the best equipment that you can afford. Focus on these three essentials while you’re working on your school film project:

Microphones for Your Film School Project

When you’re purchasing microphones for your film, make sure that you consider each microphone’s range. For example, some microphones record well when placed close to your actors while others record well at a distance. Purchase microphones for multiple ranges since you can use them for future film school projects. Keep in mind that if you need to record sound close to the actors, then you’ll have to position the mic so that it’s near them but out of the shot.

Microphone Cables

A school for film will teach you that mic cables can impact sound design. Always choose durable, flexible microphone cables that are made from quality materials. Choose gold or silver connectors attached with either epoxy or hot glue. In addition, choose cables with good shielding material for minimal sound interference.

A precaution you’ll learn in good film schools: Always have the crew double check connections throughout the day. Another tip from film schools: Most USB mic cables can connect to one another, so buy multiple shorter cables instead of a few really long cables.

Sound Software

Buy software that gives you the flexibility to change the order of speech and sound. Also, buy software that can filter out ambient sound. For example, if a siren goes off in the background during filming, your software should filter out the sound. Otherwise, a crucial section of your film school project could be ruined.

Investing in sound equipment gives you the flexibility to play with multiple sound options for your feature film. Make sure that you don’t ignore these critical components. For information like this and to connect to active filmmaking professionals, contact KD Conservatory today.

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