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5 Essentials Tips From the Great Film Schools

Tips From Film School Professionals That You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Good film schools have a way of taking you back to the basics of good storytelling. Even if you graduate from a school that film aficionados would respect, you won’t make a movie that’s memorable if you ignore these five essentials.

No. 1: A Great Script

You may hear this often in film school: “If it ain’t on the page, it ain’t on the stage.” A good feature film script engages your actors and motivates them to develop their characters. If the audience cares about the characters, then they’ll stay engaged in the film.

No. 2: Passionate Actors

Even if you can’t afford A-list Hollywood actors, you must have a cast that is committed to your project. A school for film can teach you how to cast the right actors for your roles. Choosing the wrong actor is a disservice to the character, and your audience will notice the mismatch.

No. 3: An Orderly Shooting Schedule

If people don’t enjoy working for you because you’re disorganized, then their dissatisfaction will show on the screen. Schedule the shoot so that you’re respectful of your crew and your actors. You’ll learn many techniques in film school that can help you to create an orderly shoot.

No. 4: Sharp Editing

Many directors make the mistake of trying to edit their film as one long piece. However, editing lengthy sections all at once puts you in danger of making mental mistakes. Instead, try an approach that is often taught in film schools: Edit your film in smaller sections.

No. 5: Helpful Feedback From Film School Colleagues

George Lucas, before finishing “Star Wars,” invited film school classmate Steven Spielberg to screen and criticize the film. Take advantage of the invaluable feedback of your film school instructors and colleagues.

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