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Flat Stanley Helps KD Studio Student Learn Acting, Build Connections

Clinton Greenspan Embraces Opportunity to Learn Acting From Broadway Alum

Clinton Greenspan as Flat StanleyClinton Greenspan came to KD Studio to learn acting so that he could build multi-dimensional characters. However, he’s currently found a home at the Dallas Children’s Theater learning how to act in just two dimensions.

As Flat Stanley in “The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley,” Greenspan plays a boy, Stanley Lambchop, who chooses to become two-dimensional. Thanks to his flatness, he can be placed into envelopes and mailed to exotic locations around the globe.

To play Stanley, 19-year-old Greenspan had to learn acting an entirely different way. He holds his arms out at 90-degree angles and walks sideways like a crab while wearing a flat costume strapped to his body. Throughout all of this, Greenspan performs musical numbers with aplomb.

A Chance to Learn Acting From a Broadway Veteran

Getting to know “Flat Stanley” director and choreographer Michael Serrecchia meant that Greenspan got to learn acting techniques from a venerable mentor. Serrecchia was an original cast member of “A Chorus Line” who helps students learn to act based on nearly two decades of Broadway experience.

Serrecchia, who chairs KD Studio’s musical theater program, has described Greenspan as “a force to be reckoned with.” The director notes that KD Studio gives young actors like Greenspan the chance to learn acting and other aspects of the craft from veterans like himself. KD Studio faculty member Dennis Bishop, who has been a resource advisor for the Sundance summer program and has worked as a producer for the pilot episode of popular television series “Dexter,” is one of many accomplished faculty members with whom Greenspan is learning his trade.

The Importance of Building Connections

Clinton Greenspan has the chance to follow in the footsteps of many who started learning to act at KD Studio. For example, George Eads, one of many students to learn acting at KD Studio, plays “Nick Stokes” on popular television series “CSI.”

“The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley” will play at the Rosewood Center for Family Arts through June 2.

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