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Student Spotlight: Brooklyn McDaris

Meet Brooklyn! She is a 20-year-old from Temple Texas, studying Musical Theatre here at KD Conservatory. We sat down with Brooklyn to discuss why she chose KD, her favorite part about studying at the Conservatory, and her career goals after graduation.

KD: Hey Brooklyn, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. So tell us why did you decided to attend KD?

BM: I decided to attend KD because it had all the specific classes and training needed to be an actress. The classes are very focused on a particular craft. I originally thought I would attend a University, but was never amazing with academics. I did however excel in the elective classes that dealt with the arts. I wanted to have ‘creative outlet’ classes, so I chose KD, and was able to find that here.

KD: What is your favorite part about attending KD?
BM: My favorite part about attending KD is how intimate the work is with each of the students. The smaller classes allow for the faculty to give their full focus to each student, so we are able to get the most out of each class.

KD: Awesome! Favorite TV show, movie and play? Go! 
BM: Currently, my favorite TV show is iZombie, my favorite movie is 13 Going On 30 – it always puts me in a good mood, and my favorite musical is Chicago, because I’m in love with that time era and it’s jazzy style of music. Also, Velma Kelly is in fact my spirit animal.


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KD: Love that! So who is the person you look up to the most, Brooklyn?

BM: I have always really looked up to my Dad. He is the hardest working person I know and he never complains or seems to have a bad day. Im trying to follow in his footsteps.

KD: OK, here’s a big question, what is the most useful thing you have learned during your time here so far?
BM: I think the most useful thing I have learned at KD is how important it is to trust and believe in yourself. If you do not, then who will? I truly believe you only go as far as you let yourself, so why not break down all the barriers so that you can soar?

KD: That’s awesome advice. Last but not least, what are your career goals after graduation?
BM: A career goal of mine has always been making it onto a Broadway stage! I would also really love to be in a TV series!

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Brooklyn! We love seeing your shining face around the Conservatory and look forward to watching your career flourish after graduation!

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