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Sean Stone Lands Role in “The Son” on AMC

Sean Stone, Acting program alum, landed the role as Louis in AMC’s first season of The Son. Created by Lee Shipman and Brian McGreevy, the series is set on the eve of the Mexican Revolution and the subsequent oil industry boom in the Lone Star state. Stone stars opposite Pierce Brosnan, Jacob Lofland and Henry Garrett.

1. How has life changed since graduating?

Life tends to present opportunities for one to choose to grow or remain the same. I have grown not only as an actor/artist, but more importantly as a human being. Developing more discipline and focus as well as more of a connection to who I truly am; which only comes from much self-observation, dedication, and 4 heaping scoops of time and patience. I have met the other half of my soul, we were recently married and have moved to Los Angeles to start the next adventure in our lives, together. The world is can be a scary place and having someone to share it with is pure magic.

2. What is it like working on the set of “The Son?”

To build a world, set in turn of the century Texas, is very special to me having been influenced and spending much time growing up with my Great Grand Mother or Grandmommy as we called her. She was born in 1910 and lived to be 100 so she was able to see America and Texas grow into where they are today. Having spent much time with her in my childhood, it was special to step into the boots of a man in 1915, who had ideas rooted in the beliefs of the day, which aren’t too different from the way certain groups of people feel today and have felt since the dawn of man. Philipp Meyer crafted such a rich world full of so many dynamics and having him along for the ride, on set each day, was magical, because if you had a question about the scene or the character you could just ask him and he would give you a response filled with so much detail and prose having crafted this world and characters with his own hands. The writing team and producers were essential to the show and created a nourishing environment, to inhabit the world and become the character. I cannot say enough about the cast. Each and every member is very near and dear to my heart. So much creative artists in one place at one time. It’s a powder keg. If you aren’t learning something each day on that set you’re doing it wrong. James Parks, I spent so much time with him, is one of the most devote and inviting people on the face of the earth. A true artist who breaths such life and depth to each and everything he does. A wonder to behold and something I will never forget. It was also great to arrive on set my first day with other fellow local actors Mathew Posey, and later Ivan Jasso. Matthew Posey a creative force! His theatre , Ochre House, houses some of the the most creative and magical performances in all of the U.S. from local actors, writers, and directors. A craftsman if I ever saw one.

3. Did you feel prepared after attending KD?

I will always remember the time I spent at KD fondly. Heart. It’s all heart and love and craft for the love of the craft. The people who walk through those doors every day could be anywhere on the planet (and they have been) doing anything that they want to do and they are there crafting sculpting, shaping, singing, dancing, writing, playing and becoming what they are intended to be right here in Dallas, TX. It’s a miracle. You have people on staff who have been all across the globe. Who have played everyone from King Lear to a strip of bacon. It is a place that will always be near and dear to my heart. You get what you put in. Never stop learning.

4. OK, we have to ask… Pierce Brosnan is in the show. How is it working alongside the former James Bond? 

My grandfather on my dad’s side is from Guyana which is a country in South America that had major British influence until it claimed it’s independence in 1966, so much so that my grandfather wanted to travel to the UK for his M.D. He ended up going to the University of Ireland in Dublin during the 1960’s which is when Sean Connery’s bond first made his on-screen appearance. He then married an Irish lass by the name of Claire (my grandmother) and started a large family. Those children were raised on Bond. Growing up my dad made it a point to have me gather around the TV and watch 007 do what 007 does best, like his father before him. So when I showed up on set and heard “Pierce is flying in” over the walkies, some giddiness may or may not have been happening on the inside. Lo and behold emerging from the trees walking through this tall hay patch in the Texas Hill country came 007. Sunlight on the morn like something out of Philipp Meyer’s novel. Haha. He’s the most genuine man and greeted and treated everyone with such grace. A man’s man and a truly talented and deserving artist all around.

5. What advice can you offer current students?

What do you want and why do you want it?  You have to decide, and it has to be clear. There has to be no doubt. Surround yourself with like-minded people who support you. The “nay-sayers” and the negativity will drain your creative energy and keep you from your goals. “Oh but Sean I don’t have any friends and no one is positive in my life.” Okay then FIND someone who is: a podcast, a YouTube motivational channel, a church, a book for God’s sake have we forgotten about books! Read a book! It’ll change your life!

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