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Alumni Success Stories: George Eads of “CSI”

George Eads KD Conservatory alumniCSI: Crime Scene Investigation has been a powerhouse of American television for the past 12 years. The show has created two separate spinoffs (CSI: Miami and CSI: NY) and has had some high profile guest appearances over the years – like John Mayer, Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift (to name a few). There are plenty of reasons to like CSI, but it’s particularly close to our hearts at KD Conservatory for one specific reason: Nick Stokes, a Level 3 CSI who just happens to be portrayed by a successful KD Conservatory alum – George Eads.

George Eads’ Road to Stardom

George Eads was born in nearby Ft. Worth and grew up in Belton. He attended Texas Tech University and graduated in 1989. Although he worked in sales for a short time, George soon discovered that the business world wasn’t where he wanted to be. He received his degree in acting performance from KD Conservatory, before packing up a borrowed pickup truck and moving to Los Angeles.

He took a variety of odd jobs and small roles upon arriving in Los Angeles, but a break came when he was cast in the pilot of Savannah, a primetime soap opera. Unfortunately, George’s character was killed in that pilot episode, but the audience response to his appearance was so positive that the producers eventually brought him back as the deceased character’s identical twin.

After the series ran its two-season course, George scored major role: a three episode run as a paramedic and love interest for one of the main characters on ER. He then landed a few roles in TV movies, before his big break finally came: in 2000, he landed the role of Nick Stokes on CSI.

Life as Nick Stokes

CSI has now been on the air for 12 years, and character Nick Stokes has appeared in all but six episodes of the show. It hasn’t been an easy road – for his character, anyway. Nick Stokes has been stalked, held at gunpoint, kidnapped and buried alive (in an explosive coffin filled with fire ants), shot, accused of murder, and thrown out of a window.

It’s been an easier 12 years for George Eads. In 2009, he was voted one of TV Guide’s Sexiest Male Actors. He lives in the Hollywood Hills with his wife, Monika, who he married in 2011. In addition to his regular work on CSI, George also lends his voice to Cartoon Network’s animated series Young Justice.

He’s certainly come a long way since we first met him, and can probably afford his own truck now instead of needing to borrow one. Everyone at KD Conservatory is very proud of where his career has taken him, and we can’t wait to see what he does next!

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