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When Should I Shoot My Film School Feature?

How Seasonality Can Determine Actor Availability for Your Film School Project

You may think that summer delivers the best weather for shooting your film school project. On the other hand, you may prefer the vibrant colors and milder temperatures of spring or autumn. Most filming schools teach that the best time to make a feature is during the winter months. The main factor in favor of winter filming is actor availability.

Why Winter is the Best Time to Find Actors for Your Film School Project

Whether you find actors in the community or among your film production school classmates, actor availability improves during the winter. During the summer, many actors are busy with higher paying projects. If the budget for your film school feature is low, then you need to hire actors at a time when they will work for less pay.

What About the Weather?

Winter weather can certainly conflict with your shoot if you live in a climate that produces cold winter weather and precipitation. The weather will affect your feature film depending on how much footage you film outdoors. If most of your shoot will take place inside, then the weather is less of a concern.

If you must film during the warmer months, then make sure that you have an open schedule. Expect that your actors will have to schedule your film directing school project around other conflicting projects. Pack your warm weather shoot within a couple of days rather than drawing it out for a week or more. Doing this will help you to deal with conflicts.

Always Have a Backup Plan During Warm Weather

Actors are most likely to bow out of your film school project during the warmer months because they may receive offers that provide better pay. If you have to film some scenes during warm weather, then think ahead about your options if one or more actors bow out.

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