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3 Pieces of Advice From Top Film School Instructors

Words of Wisdom for Film School Students

When you’re a film school student, you may have an idealistic mindset about how your career will progress. As you gain experience, you may feel disillusioned by the challenges of making it in the film industry. Memorize these four pieces of advice from some of today’s top film school instructors. Remember them when you’re feeling down about the pressures of filmmaking.

1. The Story Still Matters Even After Film School

After you graduate from filming school, you may find yourself battling a Hollywood studio that seems concerned only about marketing and making money. You may start to feel as though the ideas in your story don’t matter. No matter how much pressure you’re under to deliver a perfect product at a certain time, fight for the chance to take your time with the story. Stand up for the importance of creating a strong script before you allow the cameras to roll.

2. Embrace Problems and Mistakes

Even after attending the best film schools, filmmakers encounter problems during a shoot. They make mistakes that cost both time and money. If you spend too much time berating yourself for these missteps, then you’ll miss the chance to grow from the experiences. Sometimes, working around a mistake can take your film in a wonderful new direction. If you hadn’t screwed up, then you wouldn’t have seen an alternate way.

3. Celebrate Your Victories

When you finished your first films school feature, you probably went out for food and drinks or threw a party with some friends. Never stop celebrating the victories even after you graduate from film school. Every film in the can is an accomplishment. Your cast and crew have worked hard, and so have you.

Throughout your career after film school, learn to let go and to trust your creative instincts. Schedule and anticipate what you can. Then, let the journey take you where it will.

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