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3 Surefire Ways to Blow Your Audition

blow auditionYou’ve memorized your lines, done your research, and even studied a few classic films to get you in the right mindset.  Now it’s time to take a huge step in your acting career – it’s the day of your audition!  You’re feeling confident, cool and collected, and why shouldn’t you? You’ve done everything you can to prepare. Don’t let all of your preparation be for nothing by blowing your audition with one of these mistakes.

1.  Coming in overly anxious, tired or hung over.

This might seem like common sense, but everyone gets nervous before standing in front of a panel of experts whose job is to judge you.  If you’re trying to launch a career in acting, remember that an audition is your version of a job interview – and treat it as such.  Make sure you get at least six hours of sleep the night before. If you’re too nervous to sleep, get on the treadmill, use the elliptical, or go walk the dog.  Do something with the extra energy you’re building up.  Just make sure you avoid “liquid courage.” Your nerves may lead you to drink more than usual, leaving you hung over and far from at your best the next day.

2.  Running in late.

“If you’re early, you’re on time.”  If you’re planning to arrive on time, you’re tempting Murphy’s Law. Always plan to be early to an audition.  Don’t let traffic be the reason why you’re late.  Just like you were early for your acting classes, you should be early to your audition; again, remember that an audition is an actor’s job interview, and treat it as you would an interview for a career in any field. Try to be there about 20-30 minutes early, just in case the person before you has missed their casting call. If an emergency does happen, make sure you immediately contact someone at the audition and explain what has happened.  Depending on the audition and the situation, they may be able to work with you.

3.  Letting a mistake get the best of you.

You’re in the middle of your line and suddenly…you forget what to say next.  Don’t get flustered and automatically start apologizing.  People get annoyed when they hear someone apologizing over and over again.  It’s like listening to a scratched CD, or your parents nagging you over and over again to do your chores.  If you make a mistake during your audition, try to stay in character and improvise.  One little mistake will not overshadow a powerful performance, especially if you don’t make your mistake obvious.  Directors are just as interested in seeing how you persevere as they are in your performance. Remember what you learned in your acting classes, “Improvise, Persevere, and Overcome”.

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