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Real World Film, Real World Experience

Recently, current and former students signed on to work on location with David

Pinkston, instructor of cinematography in the Film Program at KD Conservatory.

The project was a simple scene to be shot and edited and used as part of David’s

Master in Film thesis proposal at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. Working on

location is real world “flight time” as he calls it. “There is nothing like it. Students

obtain real, hands-on experience learning the creative craft of motion picture

production on location.”

The production day started on a Sunday and was slated for four hours. Tim Martin,

General Manager of Backwoods in Fort Worth on Seventh street, met the cast and

crew just before 8 am. The actors went through blocking with David and then the

crew started setting up lights and camera for the first shot. Production was planned

during off hours for the store, allowing the cast, crew and extras, to have full access at

the location.

After eight camera setups with minor light changes, the cast, extras and crew finished

on time, half hour before doors were open for business. The production schedule

included time for explanation of the lighting and camera techniques used on the

project while on the set. Cast, crew and even the employees of Backwoods,

commented on how well “the production run smoothly the whole time”.

All members of the production were compensated for travel expenses and lunch was

provided as a wrap party. Feedback from the students was overwhelmingly positive

from the experience and were eager to sign up again on the next production. Students:

Zackary Kelly, Taylor Valdez, Joseph Simpson, Kristen Hodges. Cast: Marisa

Hampton, Sarah Youngblood, Lance Russell, Seth Ballard, Lizzy Ballard, Joshua

Ballard. Special thanks to Dana Brumley and Tim Martin and employees of


The link below is the final video submitted for the thesis proposal.


Scenes from “Shopping”

Shopping_Scene_01 (2) Shopping_Scene_02 (2)


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