How to Produce a Web Series: Tips for Getting Started

kidsSome people say the Internet will soon overtake other media outlets as the most popular source of entertainment. Though the television and movie industries are far from losing their dominant roles in delivering entertainment, there’s no arguing that the Internet is increasingly providing a platform for aspiring actors, producers and directors to get their feet wet. Whether hosted on sites like YouTube or uploaded to their own websites, web series are quickly becoming a way for those getting started in the entertainment industry to gain experience and exposure. Here are some tips to get you started on your way to producing your own web series.

Determine Your Format
So you’ve decided to take your talents to the Internet and capture a new audience with a web series. But what kind? A web series, like a television series, can be any number of different styles, formats and topics. They can be informational or instructional, such as a series of cooking shows. They can take a current events format, focusing on news or sports. Or they can provide comedic or dramatic entertainment through storytelling “webisodes”. They key is to figure out what you would both enjoy doing and excel at; don’t try to force yourself to follow a trend if it’s not what suits you and your unique style. The Internet offers a widely varied audience, which gives you some freedom to deviate from what might be commercially popular at the moment. 

Have a Story
With some formats, each episode of your web series will be able to stand on its own without relying on previous editions for story continuation – for example, an instructional or educational series can be viewed in any order without the viewers losing anything. However, if your web series intends on telling any sort of story, it’s important to have at least the basic story arc sketched out and planned before beginning. Because you generally have relatively little time for each episode compared to other story-telling formats, in each one you must maximize the available time to further the plot or development. Because the entire story is told in such small chunks, knowing where you plan to begin and end your story – and how you will develop it – before beginning production is extremely helpful in assuring that no time is wasted, and that you have a compelling tale for your viewers.

 Have Fun
One of the most important things to remember when creating a web series is to have fun, enjoy yourself, and learn from the experience. Don’t be afraid to be creative, take risks, and try new things. Standing out on the Internet often means entertaining people in a new and unique way; if you allow yourself to enjoy what you’re doing and have fun while trying things that might be a bit outside the box, you just might find the new formula that viewers have been looking for, and gain valuable experience in the process.

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