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Free Workshops

We are excited to announce a series of free workshops for students interested in our 15-month acting, musical theatre and filmmaking degree programs. Limited space available, must be ages 17+:

Acting Workshop: TBD

Filmmaking Workshop: TBD

Musical Theater Workshop: TBD




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Throughout my 20’s I was heavily involved in acting doing several tv commercials, a movie and mostly corporate training videos, without any formal training. Now I am in my fifties, after having raised 4 sons, with a lot of time on my hands and am wondering if there might be an opportunity for me as an older woman in the acting arena. Let me know your thoughts.

Hi Aurora,

Great question! There are most definitely opportunities. In fact many of our faculty/staff are in their fifties and frequently receive work. My suggestion to you is to take one of our 8-week acting classes to get your feet wet. Your teacher will serve as your mentor and can offer you information on obtaining an agent, auditioning, etc. If you have any questions feel free to call (214) 638-0484. Here is the link to the suggested class for you: https://kdstudio.com/product/introduction-to-acting-evening/

Will need to bring anything before I show up

Emily Holder unfortunately has a conflict with the Class Wednesday evening and will be unable to attend the film making class.
Thank you!
We will be watching for the next few classes to check out the studio!!

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