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Congratulations to the Summer 2014 Graduates!

KD Conservatory is proud to present the graduating classes of  Summer 2014 .   We are so proud of all their accomplishments both in our school and outside.  We wish them all the best as they continue their journey in the world of Entertainment!


Summer 2014 ACTING Graduating Class:

Bottom row: Colton Brown, LaTonya Coleman, Kalita Gales, Edwin Williams
Middle Row: Jermaine Emerson, Sierra J.J., Taylor Robinson, Dominique Edwards
Top Row: Brian Loomis, Alfonso Davis, Blake McNamara, Dylan Haymond

KD Acting Grads SEPT 2014 (3)


Summer 2014 FILM Graduating Class:

From Left to Right:  David Ryan, Jeff Keas, Tanner White, Michael Goldermann, Michael Nadler, Adriana Aguilera

KD MPP Grads SEPT 2014 (3)

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