Alumni Spotlight – Caitlyn Baidas

Alumni Spotlight highlights the careers of our KD alumni, while giving prospective students a taste of life at KD; along with a real-life perspective of what life after KD has to offer…

This week we got to catch up with Caitlyn Baidas over the phone. Caitlyn graduated from KD Conservatory in 2009 with a degree in Musical Theatre. At 24, she decided to take the leap and move out to Los Angeles to pursue her passion for acting and modeling.

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Recently, Caitlyn has starred in a short film about “a day in the life” where she had the opportunity to play the ex-girlfriend. Quickly after, she began shooting a commercial for 360 Fly, a new 360° camera. She has played an extra in the TV series ‘Pretty Little Liars‘ and ‘You’re the worst‘  and is currently working on a short film that she wrote and directed.

When we asked what advice she had to offer to incoming students, Caitlyn said “Cherish every moment of your education. Every friendship formed, every word your teachers and mentors say. Most of all, believe in yourself!”

Best of luck to you, Caitlyn. Come back and visit your KD family soon!


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