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My acting instructor is nominated for an Emmy!

Allison Tollman

As a working actor, it is always exciting on the semi-rare occasion when you or someone you know, books a really great gig!  So to be browsing the internet and discover that a recent acting teacher of yours, has just been nominated for an Emmy… well that is nothing short of inspiring!

Allison Tolman, the now Emmy nominated actress from the now multi-nominated (18 to be exact!) new, hit television series “Fargo,” was at one time, not too long ago, my Voice teacher at KD Conservatory, a subsidiary of KD Studio Inc.

Allison can be seen frequenting the Entertainment section of the news these days for her portrayal of “Molly Solverson” in the FX hit series “Fargo.” It is both fascinating and encouraging to be able to watch the rising of a star, when at one time she was helping me with my improvisational skills and to find and learn my voice.

I would like to congratulate Allison and also to thank her, for her encouragement and understanding as a teacher and for the inspiration as an actor!

– SJ Brown, KD Conservatory Graduate

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