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14 Jul: 3 Tips Every Actor Needs to Know

Listen to direction. A director needs to know that they can get what they want out of an actor. Even if you’re a phenomenal actor, directors will not want to work with you if you can’t take direction. Responding well…

07 Jul: Structure of a Screenplay

Even if you’re experienced in writing, writing a screenplay is like entering a whole other world. Because most full-length screenplays are written so that they can be adapted into a two-hour movie, they tend to be around 110 pages long….

05 Jun: Alumni Spotlight – Jermaine Johnson

Before North Dallas actor, Jermaine Johnson, signed with the Callidus Agency, he was working his way through prolonged grief and an intensive 4-semester acting program at KD Conservatory in Dallas. Having lost his brother in a house fire at a…

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30 May: How to Conquer Stage Fright

            Stage fright is said to be the number one fear reported by adults, topping flying, sickness, and even death. So how do we conquer the stage when we can’t stop thinking about the audience?…