KD’s Faculty in HOT Show – The Winter’s Tale

KD Faculty is in Dallas’ – Hot Show: ‘The Winter’s Tale’ at Addison Circle Park

Hot Show The Winters Tale at Addison Circle Park (2) Hot Show The Winters Tale at Addison Circle Park 2

Directed by: Rene Moreno (KD – Acting Faculty)
Cast includes: T.A. Taylor (Director of KD Conservatory) and Vanessa DeSilvio (Instructor of Voice)


Lawson Taitte – Theater Critic

“If you doubt Shakespeare Dallas can do elegant, go see The Winter’s Tale. The play is a minitragedy followed by a minicomedy, both breathing the atmosphere of myth and fairy tale. King Leontes of Sicilia (T.A. Taylor) and his queen Hermione (Michelle Courtney Schwartz) are hosting his old friend King Polixenes of Bohemia (Neil Rogers). Leontes, for no apparent reason, becomes insanely jealous of Hermione and Polixenes, thus destroying his family. Sixteen years go by during the intermission. Polixenes’ son Florizel (Nathan Dibben) has fallen in love with a curiously noble shepherd girl, Perdita (Vanessa DeSilvio). After an hour of country songs and comic routines, everybody winds up back at Leontes’ court for a miraculously happy ending.”

Through Oct. 13 at Addison Circle Park, 4970 Addison Circle, Addison. $10; discounts available; free for children 12 and under. shakespearedallas.org.