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KD Conservatory + Earth Day Texas

Earth Day Texas is right around the corner, and KD Conservatory staff, graduates and students are playing a major part in the inaugural EARTHxFilm activities. The environmentally-focused film festival will be presented at Fair Park as part of the three-day eco-conference and exhibition.

“The goal is to encourage others to not only learn about making environmental films, but how to be environmentally conscious,” said Dennis Bishop, KD Film Chair. “We’ve created more than a film festival here; it’s an initiative, a creative project that will hopefully impact others and the earth in a positive way. I am honored to be a part of it.”

Founded by Trammell S. Crow and Michael Cain, the festival’s aim is to increase environmental awareness, involvement and action through media by showcasing films and emerging media that explore conservation, climate change and the environment. Bishop is acting as Film Education and Development Consultant for EARTHxFilm.

“Education is a very important component of Earth Day Texas and EARTHxFilm,” said Michael Cain, President of EARTHxFilm. “We are very happy to welcome KD Conservatory as a sponsor to help us achieve our mission to inspire future generations of environmental activists, story tellers and global leaders.”

The festival will include filmmaking workshops and classes, a 72-hour film race, and an online short film competition, with jury and audience awards. With $6,000 in cash prizes for the film race and the online competition, each contestant has an opportunity to be rewarded for their artistic endeavors. While Bishop oversees all of the education programs of EARTHxFilm, KD instructor Patty Newton is producing the festival’s workshops and classes.

“KD Conservatory and EARTHxFilm is a great partnership,” KD Conservatory CEO, Kathy Tyner said. “KD Conservatory is a huge supporter of filmmakers, arts and the environment, so this new program at Earth Day Texas fits really well with what we believe in here at KD.”