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Garland Wills Jr.

Filmmaking, Cinematography, and Musical Engineering

Garland Wills Jr. gravitated towards his love for the craft of filmmaking, cinematography, and musical engineering after his time in the Air Force. His father, an avid film collector, exposed him to movies of all kinds ranging from blockbusters to low budget art house indies as well as foreign films. This sparked his passion at a young age for the art. Early in his career, Garland got his feet wet working as a production assistant on a Tubi TV show entitled “House Arrest.” The next projects he worked on were an award-winning short entitled “Best Friends Since I Kidnapped You” and a soon to be released TV series entitled “The Studio,” where he landed the 1st AC position. He also has experience in set design and sound mixing. Garland earned Associate of Applied Arts Degree in Motion Picture Production from KD Conservatory. He has directed and shot 5 short films and plans to continue evolving his creative storytelling abilities through the artistic mediums of cinema and music.