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The Associate of Applied Arts Degree in Motion Picture Production is an intense 15-month program designed to train students for the professional world of filmmaking. Upon successful completion of the 68.0 credit hour program, the graduate may expect to possess skills in screenwriting, directing, producing, and post production (editing, mixing, music, and delivery).


In 1983, Robert enrolled in the University of Texas at Arlington’s film production program to be trained by the esteemed filmmaker and educator Andy Anderson. Within the next two years, Robert worked on fifteen short films, three feature films and gained a wealth of experience.

In 1985, Robert work alongside mentor Anderson on the low-budget independent film, POSITIVE I.D., working as the UPM, co-editor and associate producer as the film traveled through the festival circuit—including the Sundance Film Festival in 1987—and ultimately a Universal Pictures theatrical release.

In June of 1988, he produced Anderson’s next project, LOOK IT UP and attended the Sundance Institutes Filmmakers Workshop, later returning to participate in Sundance’s Producers Showcase.

In the 90s, Robert became a post-production specialist, working as a picture editor, sound editor, foley artist, and motion graphics designer—often doubling up positions to see a project through. FALL DOWN DEAD, GARRISON, LIVING AND DYING, HALLOW’S END, SHE GETS WHAT SHE WANTS (aka SLAP HER SHE’S FRENCH), AMERICAN NIGHTMARE, NIGHT VISION,TAKEDOWN,and WINNING COLORS are just a few of the thirty-plus narrative features he has worked on. Additionally, he worked on the documentaries NED ROREM-WORD AND MUSIC, THE STAGES OF EDWARD ALBEE and OUR NEW FAMILY.

In 1995, he Directed and Edited his first feature, TAKEDOWN. In 1998, he produced and edited Anderson’s film DETENTION (later to be retitled LEARNING CURVE). In 2008, he wrote and directed the short film, “THE LAST TURN,” which was selected to the Texas Filmmakers Showcase.

In 1996, Robert began teaching part-time at his alma mater, The University of Texas at Arlington. There he developed a successful “Introduction to film and Video” course that established the foundational groundwork for hundreds of successful young filmmakers. In 2002 he joined the faculty full-time and over the next four years, taught a variety of classes from narrative film production, to commercial video, to video art.

In 2009, the Motion Picture Production Chair of KD Conservatory, Dennis Bishop, asked Robert to join the faculty at KD Conservatory College of Film and Dramatic Arts. Bishop was developing this new degree-program for KD Conservatory and Robert was excited to contribute to its evolution.

Throughout his career, Robert has remained active in the filmmaking community, participating in numerous panel discussions, seminars, workshops, conferences and appearing in print, digital media and television. He is a past member of the University Film And Video Association and the Motion Picture Editors Guild, IATSE Local 700. He was one of the original members of the Dallas After Effects Users Group and is one of the founding members of the Dallas DaVinci Resolve User Group.

Robert continues to probe the nuances of storytelling through sight and sound while exploring more innovative methods to educate and inspire the next generation of filmmakers.

Program Overview

Students gain proficiency in the skills and crafts of filmmaking in a hands-on environment focusing on screenwriting, directing, producing, cinematography, and post production (editing, dialogue, sound effects and music mixing, musical score and delivery). In the first three semesters, each student produces, writes, directs and crews on several short films. In the fourth semester, students form a production team and set up a production office to produce the Motion Picture Production Final Project for their professional portfolio, film festival entry, and/or Internet distribution. Students are introduced to the many different formats currently available in film and digital. At KD Conservatory, all film projects are produced in the digital format as the digital camera’s ease of use allows students to delve deeper into filmmaking without the burden and complexities of shooting on film. Preparing for the realities of the marketplace and the business of filmmaking, students are introduced to the industry of independent films, the major studios, over the air and cable TV networks, as well as TV commercials, corporate videos, web-based productions and other media. An emphasis is placed on students attaining proficiency in the basic skills and crafts of filmmaking needed for entry into the film industry.

Program Objectives

To teach students a proficiency in the basic skills and crafts of filmmaking, providing them potential opportunities for entering the film industry, equipping students with the procedural processes and skills to make quality short films culminating with a Motion Picture Production Final Project in the fourth semester. An additional goal is to prepare students for the reality of the marketplace for dream projects as well as films made to fit a specific genre by teaching the business of filmmaking and how the industry works for independent films, the major studios and networks, as well as TV commercials, corporate videos, web-based productions and other media.

First Semester
15 Weeks


Introduction to Producing
The Creative Process
Screenwriting I
Basics of Film Production
Social Psychology
History of Popular Amer. Culture Through Film

Second Semester
15 Weeks


Screenwriting II
Intermediate Film Production
Digital Editing
Intro to Digital Cinematography and Lighting
Forms of Literature
Third Semester
15 Weeks


Prep & Production Colloquium
Screenwriting III
Advanced Film Production
Public Speaking
Scheduling & Budgeting
Post-Production Audio & Music
Fourth Semester
15 Weeks


Human Biology
Advanced Development
Production and Post-Production Colloquium
Final Projects
Advanced Business of Film
Distribution and Marketing


Our instructors are selected on the basis of their professional experience and educational achievement. In order to ensure the highest standards of professionalism, we seek instructors from those sectors of the entertainment industry which closely relate to the subject area being taught.

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